Last update 03-October-2009
(after a long time)

Steve Walsh

Well known as the voice of Kansas, Steve Walsh created, characterized and influenced a main part of progressive Rock all over the world. He is, without dispute, one of the best lead vocalists of all times!

His vocals and keyboard playing are mostly associated with songs like "Carry On Wayward Son", "Dust in the Wind" or "Point of Know Return". 
But there are many more musical projects beside those with Kansas, that this phenomenal musician has created. These, as well as personal information about Steve Walsh, shall be the subject of this page.

His powerful voice and his unique emotional interpretation of music and lyrics became a basic part of my life since I heard his vocals for the first time in 1979. He accompanied me through all these years, moods and emotions, and even after all this time, I get a gooseflesh when I am listening to him.

Thinking and knowing that many fans all over the world feel the same as I do, I want to dedicate this website to him! Thanks for being part of my life!